Episode Twelve: Service Learning

Continuing to build off of discussions from UnConference, Josh and Alex talk more about their experiences with the Nasaruni Academy for Massai Girls in Narobi, Kenya. They relate these experiences to defining Service Learning in schools, and what teachers and students can do for specific projects or the community.


Episode Eleven: Extra Credit

Alex finally gets an opportunity to take over Josh’s role as the “game host” on the show. After playing “Would You Rather,” the two share their philosophies on incorporating extra credit in the classroom.

Episode Three: Trigger Warnings

For today’s episode, Josh and Alex play the “Who Said It?” game with quotes from Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Then, the co-hosts discuss the inclusion of sensitive issues and trigger warnings in the classroom. Be sure to continue the conversation on social media! We’ve written follow up questions to facilitate the conversation.

This Week’s Follow Up Questions:

1) does the incorporation of sensitive issues in classes help or hinder student growth?

2) how do relationships between teachers and students affect what is included in classroom discussion?

3.) What is something you’d share to fellow teachers about this topic that you think is valuable?